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The Australian Miniature Aerosport Society is a leading national aero-modeling organisation and an authority for model aviation in Australia. You can join AMAS directly as an individual or through a club and we cater for all aspects of model aviation. If you are interested in getting into aero-modeling, are thinking about setting up a club or are an existing club looking for the best for your members contact us today.
We provide:-
* Affordable membership from just $28.00* for juniors and $58.00* for seniors. *(12 months)
* Direct membership to a national society where your vote counts
* Comprehensive insurances for members and clubs
* A flying competency (wings) program
* Instructor’s courses for our clubs
* Club affiliation for just $10.00*
* Single day membership ($5 a day).(Use the register now button below to apply).

So what are you waiting for…come join us at AMAS and get up and fly!

And remember: "Safety is no accident".

APRIL 2015


12 Month membership fees apply from the 1st July 2014 and will expire on the 30th June 2015. Pro rata membership exists from 1st April: Eg: $29.00 for adult (senior), **$14 for junior and $10 for club affiliation. $5 Single Day membership for non members. The application for Day Membership MUST be processed on line to the AMAS direct, prior to any flying operations being carried out at the club/event visited. If payment is being made by cheque, bank transfer, money order or cash processing may take longer. PayPal is no longer used.

**For a junior to apply an adult must be the primary contact.

AMAS Inc postal address: PO BOX 9311 Wilsonton, Queensland. 4350

To contact the AMAS Inc Secretary, use either email: amassecretary@gmail.com , secretary@amas.org.au or by phone: 0417879416
Note: Club membership ($10) is for a Club affiliating as a whole entity with the AMAS Inc.The application for club affiliation also requires details for the President, Secretary, Treasurer and any such committee persons.

To apply for membership 'click' the "Register Now" button:

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NEFR 2015: National Electric Flight Rally
3rd-6th April
Warbirds over the river.
At PEMAC,an invitation
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Contact David McMahon
Phone: 0409 820 013
Manila Slope Fest 2015
11th September to the 20 September
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Flying together.Flying together.

Use the flying together logo to indicate your clubs allows choice. You support members joining the society of their choosing. We know that some backward thinking societies are not supportive but AMAS will continue to lead the way. Everyone should support choice! Download in the Documents section.


Use the openfields logo to indicate that members of other societies are welcome at your field. We all have a duty to promote the hobby and although some societies are quite restrictive, AMAS demonstrates that it is the true leading national body.
Download the logo in the Documents section.