So you enjoy flying drones!

Drones are an exciting technology being embraced worldwide and when operated(flown) in a recreational activity are defined as being model aircraft. Whether your racing drones,operating within a family and friends environment, during school vacation, taking photo's etc (who would of thought you'd become a 'hobbyist photographer'), there's a drone (model aircraft) for all  occasions! 

Drones come in all shapes and sizes  and most importantly are regulated, that is, by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority who are the over arching regulator. There are regulations which apply to the operation of drones whether for recreational or commercial purposes. Before you begin to enjoy your drone do make yourself aware of the regulations which can be found here: Civil Aviation Drone Information.
(Would you like to provide input into drone regulation? Then how about participating in the CASA survey?)

Need to operate in an FPV mode, no problems, the Society can help.(The Societies approved Civil Aviation Safety Authority Instrument can be found 'here'). And more information can be found in the documents section.

Need  assistance to operate your drone? We can help! Simply contact the Society. Already operating your drone but not quite sure about where, how, when? Simply contact the Society, we can help. Also,  would you like to check whether the area your operating your drone is 'okay to operate there'?, then how about a Civil Aviation Safety Authority Approved mobile device application! Also, you can find some training/information here:

What's that? you'd like more information? Simply contact the Society or how about we gently direct you to further 'like minded' model aircraft enthusiasts via their Facebook Page. Either or, enjoy flying your drone responsibly and remember the AMAS Inc safety motto: "Safety Is No Accident". 

Woops, nearly forgot: You'd like information of commercial drone operations? Easy, simply contact the Society, or
contact our friends at ACUO (mention we sent you!).